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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What ever happened to... the original Power Rangers?

15 years after they first stormed into our tv screens and imaginations, let's re-visit the 6 actors that made up this colorful band of renegade enforcers.

Austin St. John - Red Ranger

St. John wrote a martial arts book since leaving the show. It is entitled Karate Warrior: A Beginner's Guide to Martial Arts. He is currently a paramedic n the Washington DC suburbs of Northern Virginia. And for those who had a big crush on him during his glory days, on the left is a
recent pic!

Walter Emanuel Jones - Black Ranger

Jones has focused on teaching and performing salsa dancing and placed first in the 2004 Mayan International Salsa Championship. He recently appeared in the reality tv show Age of Love providing salsa instructions. He now runs a dance studio in LA.

David Yost - Blue Ranger

Yost continued on acting soon after finishing close to 200 episodes of the show. Of the original 5, he stayed with the show the longest. He has since produced a number of cable tv series. Recently, he starred as a Playboy photographer in the made-for-tv movie After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped.

Thuy Trang - Yellow Ranger

Trang died at the age of 27 in a car accident on September 3, 2001 near San Francisco, California. She and former actress/model Angela Rockwood-Nguyen, to whom Trang was to be a bridesmaid later that year, were passengers in a car traveling on Interstate 5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles (they were returning from visiting Angela's planned maid of honor) when the driver (another of Angela's bridesmaids) of the vehicle she was riding in lost control. The episode "Circuit Unsure" of Power Rangers: Time Force was dedicated to her memory.

Amy Jo Johnson - Pink Ranger

Johnson was Julie Emrick in the popular tv drama Felicity. She now regularly appears with her band Valhalla, where she is the lead singer as well as a guitarist & has recently contributed guest vocals to Koishii and Hush's cover of The Cars track "Since You're Gone".

Jason David Frank - Green Ranger

Frank appeared in the most Power Ranger series & spin-offs. He was in Mighty Morphin (original), Zeo, Turbo, Wild Force and DinoThunder. He also starred in 2 Power Rangers movies! Since then, he has founded of the Toso Kune Do sytem, an American Martial Arts system that follows the concepts of many of the American Martial Art Masters such as Bruce Lee, Ed Parker and the like who blended many martial art techniques, concepts and disciplines to seek truth in self expression. He now teaches this technique in his Rising Sun Karate Academy in Houston.


vijay said...

great info you blogger have shared here about the power rangers episodes and i hope that you would share a lot of latest information with all the viewers in future also.

angela said...

That's a very unflattering picture you chose for Amy Jo Johnson, lol. She's on CBS new show Flashpoint :)

jimmy said...

Great information .your content are really a marvelous.last night i have Download power rangers episodes . but this show was irksome....

Anonymous said...

the power rangers should have a reuneio that thay can share there new lifes and what did the show have done for them

Anonymous said...

I looked up to the power rangers when i was younger. They even got me into doing good for others. Just like Tommy said In MMPR: The movie "Anythings possible".

Anonymous said...

LOL fag

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Red ranger and Black ranger got so ugly.

Andy Bridges said...

the green ranger looks like a right sneaky gay

Anonymous said...

Damn the only thing that's was here is that the yellow ranger died .. :(